You probably have heard of the outrageous prices you can pay at nightclubs anywhere especially in Vegas. Take for example the $15,000 per push of the button (minimum $250,000) to have the fountains at the Bellagio burst for one second on your command.

Well Atlantic City wants in on the “price press” where they get free publicity for an item that may not actually sell or sell once a year or two.

But this nightclub at the Borgato Hotel & Spa is trying to make it something people might actually get some use out of once sober the next day.

You do get a generous pour from a $32,000 bottle of 1940 Macallan Fine & Rare Vintage Single Malt Whiskey.

You also do get the VIP treatment for the rest of the night a $40,000 drink purchase entitles you to.

But the fun kicker is you get a collectible $100 check signed by Babe Ruth himself to keep.

If you want this once in a lifetime drink, head on over to Atlantic City with $40k, and order the “Bambino Cocktail”.