For the longest time big screens, screens larger than 65″ were priced very very high. A 65″ tv might be $799 and the same brand 75″ would be $3,299 or something odd like this.

This was a way to make money off bars and other places that needed larger screens to be seen by lots of people at a distance.

Not to long ago 75″ inch tv’s started getting price reduction, but now so are 83″ inch tv’s.

It appears that the TV makers are now starting to bring large screen 4k tv’s into more reasonable consumer pricing.

Today it finally broke the all important sub two thousand dollar range.

Dell has this 4k LG 86″ TV for $2,229 with a $250 gift card. OK so it is $50 over $2,000, not under like we were initially told, but this is still an important new low price point where they are moving fast now into consumer mass market pricing for very large screens.

If you are interested in this TV our non-sponsored link to dell is here.