Japan is famous for it’s luxury fruits sold at auction for ridiculous prices! But where does that value come from? Is it all a marketing stunt, or do they really taste that good? We see them in the stores and they’re expensive. So ー what is the true value? Let’s go to the Miyazaki Mango Auction and ask the buyer of the world’s most expensive mango and the farmer. The answer to WHY surprised me. It’s not what I thought. We not only learn about mangoes but Japanese culture. Background: Annually at auctions in Japan, the first blue fin tuna sells for over $1 million at New Year, melons in Yubari, Hokkaido sell for $30,000, and in Miyazaki, Mangoes sell for $5,000. How can a mango be worth so much? Is it the taste? The size? The smell? The color? The cultivar? All of the above? ー or just to get attention? … or is it something more? There is a deep respect for the farmers from the buyers and the stores that sell these luxury fruits. Of course buying a mango for so much money will get attention, but the motivation is completely different and I hope you can get a deeper understanding of not only mangoes but how Japan operates in business.