While not technically new, as it was a 90’s staple that lasted until at least 2006, the Pannido, Jack In The Box’s “new sub sandwiches” are one of a kind and delicious.

Pannidos are described as the ultimate on-the-go sub and at launch there are two choices… the Deli Trio Pannido and the Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar Pannido.

The Pannidos are actually no mess subs you can easily eat while driving or walking.

The choices are :

  • Deli Trio Pannido – Smoked turkey, ham, and salami topped with a creamy Italian sauce on toasted ciabatta bread.
  • Turkey, Bacon, & Cheddar Pannido – Smoked turkey, bacon, and natural cheddar cheese, plus creamy Italian sauce on toasted ciabatta bread.


They are priced cheaper than when they were on the menu in the 90’s.  No inflation here.  $4.79 appears to be the typical price, and the old price was $4.99.  The combo is available for the usual $2.20+ extra.